Kenzie Academy


    Kenzie Academy boasts a new kind of education for those looking to level up their tech and soft skills and prepare for the future of work.

    Kenzie Academy was created with the mission to teach and train future tech professionals across America, especially those who have been underserved by traditional education systems, and place them in rewarding careers in technology.

    Why choose Kenzie Academy over coding bootcamps or traditional university programs? For our students and alumni, the choice boils down to quality and affordability.


    Future-proof Careers.

    Kenzie was built to address changes happening with technology, manufacturing, and automation. Our students are trained for job skills currently in demand. In addition, we also teach career and soft skills that give students a growth mindset and make their abilities future-proof. A Kenzie education is for tomorrow, just as much as it is for today.

    We collaborate with industry professionals and hiring partners to keep our curriculum relevant. Unlike tech bootcamps, we maintain a focus on deeper learning instead of memorization. At Kenzie, we pride ourselves on our focus on real outcomes, which is a difference between Kenzie and more traditional higher education institutions. Just take a look at where our grads have been hired to see for yourself.