Launch Academy


    At Launch, we genuinely care about your future. Our programs are designed to get you into web development quickly and affordably. In just a semester, you could be a web developer. Come and take a look.

    Since 2013, we’ve been teaching students like you everything they need to know to land their first job in software development. Learn by doing and build a professional portfolio of projects to set yourself apart in landing your first development job. Launchers show off what they built during the bootcamp and have the opportunity to rub elbows with our network of awesome companies on the lookout for great talent.

    Launch Academy offers a challenge based learning environment, where you’ll work collaboratively on projects that you can add to your GitHub profile. Once you’ve established a base set of skills, you’ll deploy a full-stack application as part of a small group. You’ll conclude your time at Launch Academy by spending two weeks building and deploying a large capstone project for you to showcase after graduation.