What Makes Microverse Different?

    At Microverse, students learn through a very unique approach — by pair programming and collaborating with other students in real time, just as they would with colleagues of a distributed team in a real company.

    Students learn multiple programming languages and Computer Science fundamentals, through working on real projects with other students around the world.

    This innovative approach not only provides students with an accountability partner and large, global network of support, but also helps them learn remote workflows and acquire the collaboration and communication skills necessary to join a global company.

    Once students are done with the curriculum, we help them improve their portfolio, resume and online presence, and get ready for job interviews. Then, we help them find and apply to competitive jobs worldwide and negotiate job offers.


    The Founder’s Story

    I grew up in Argentina, went to school in Europe, built a business in San Francisco, taught in Africa, and lived in Asia for a year. In my life's journey, I’ve seen that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.

    Nowadays, the Internet makes it possible for anyone to connect with global jobs regardless of where they were born or live. However, paying for a great education is incredibly difficult for most people.

    I started Microverse to change that—to help people from all around the world learn software development at no upfront cost and to connect them with global jobs no matter their location, gender, or background