Beginner Python


    Interested in learning Python, or programming in general? Our Beginner Python track starts at the very basics and builds up a solid foundation of Python & programming concepts. From how Python represents data, to operators, functions, methods, and object orientation, attending the classes in this track will leave you with a solid base to start writing and understanding Python code and programming in general.

    This track is meant for complete beginners, with little to no programming experience previously. It will cover basic programming topics such as:

    • How Python represents data
    • Supported operations on this data (math, comparison, sorting, etc.)
    • Control Flow
    • Iteration
    • Functions
    • Object orientation

    While these courses may be taken in any order depending on the experience level of the student, it is recommended to take them from start to finish to fully grasp the material covered.

    8 Classes

    8 Beginner Python