Ubiqum Code Academy


    Ubiqum’s Methodology

    No theoretical classes or exams. You'll be learning to program from day one.

    Learn by Doing. Learn by Coding


    Learn by putting everything into practice. At Ubiqum Code Academy there are no formal lectures, graded exams, or teachers. Instead, by your side, are mentors who are 100% invested in your learning process. Our methodology is 100% “learn by doing”, meaning that, from day one, you’ll be learning to program how you really learn: by writing code. All our programs are made up of projects that simulate real professional life, meaning that, once completed, you’ll be prepared to face the everyday challenges encountered in the world of web development or data analytics.


    Each student has different skills, abilities, and learning paces. Our coding bootcamps are specially designed to adapt to all needs and allow you to go from “I have no idea how to code” to becoming a programmer in just 5 months. We know WHAT you need to learn because we have asked the most advanced technology companies what processes, tools, and languages they use, and we have incorporated them into our career programs. And we know HOW to teach you how to program because Ubiqum’s methods and learning processes have been developed by specialists with more than 30 years of experience in digital education and learning sciences.