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Learning new technologies is how software engineers grow! This course is a step up in difficulty from the Web Applications course, aimed at giving you two short projects that challenge you to learn something new. Through one guided project and one project completely of your own creation, learn to integrate something (or two things) that you didn’t know already, and use these projects as a tool to grow your development knowledge.


  • 5 week, full time course
  • Requires twice daily check-ins at 10 am and 4 pm (ET) for 1 hour via Zoom for class discussion and code review
  • Recorded lectures you watch at your leisure each day
  • Access to instructor via Discord instant messaging
  • Certificate provided upon completion of course


The best way to learn new technologies is to incorporate them into a new project. Through two small projects, incorporate two technologies you haven’t used before and gain mastery of some new tools.

 For those who have some programming experience and who might already know some web development technologies, this course is a great way to gain experience with web technologies while also expanding your own knowledge and toolset. Learn a new back end or front end technology through two projects of your own design. Each project will include a design meeting, followed by twice daily meetings to troubleshoot and keep you on track, as well as improve your code and project organization. Leave the course with two structured, managed projects under your belt, and increased knowledge and portfolio content.


Project 1
Design a full stack project around something that you don't yet know. This project will use some combination of Python and JavaScript, but the rest is up to you! Work something new into a small portion of your project, and emerge with a new skill.

Project 2
Design a project of your own, and become an expert in a new technology. Choose a new framework or library for Python or JavaScript, a new database, or something else and build it over 2 weeks. The design of this project and choice of technology will be done in conjunction with your instructor, and discussed before your admittance into the course.


    May 16, 2022

    July 5, 2022

    October 3, 2022


    • Knowledge of one or more programming languages
    • Basic knowledge of Python syntax
    • Intro to Python
      • Or you may test out of "Intro to Python" (Please speak with an Admissions Officer for this option)
    • Technical Interview
    • Admissions Call


    • Mon-Fri, 10 am -5 pm (EST)
    • 5 weeks

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