Can Programming Solve My Problem?

Can Programming Solve My Problem?


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Programming skills have become increasingly popular in the modern workforce. Everywhere you go you can hear about how important it might be to learn to code, but very rarely is it easy to figure out how exactly these new skills might help someone who isn’t trying to become a Software Engineer and completely change their career.

Join this workshop series with Byte Academy’s lead Python instructor that will try to answer a simple question: Can Python help solve one of the many tasks I have at my job? Python’s uses are not simply for engineers. Learning Python can increase your pay at even a non-technical job, simply by making long, tedious tasks very simple, efficient, and much more bearable. Python can allow almost anyone to either 1) spend less time working or 2) get more done.

This workshop will center around a few crowd-sourced problems that people face at their jobs, ranging from the easy, document-related tasks that might come up to much harder tasks that might involve a little more design or time spend coding, but all of which should be solvable by someone who has a few weeks to a few months of coding experience.

The workshop will be designed for beginners. Though attendees may not know any programming, the workshop will look at simple solutions to problems, a brief overview of how these solutions might work, and how they might be implemented.

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