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Many courses leave students with basic knowledge and the ability to solve small problems, but creating a working application can be a completely different skill set. Gain practice putting Python and JavaScript together to create two short projects, each of which will be a working web application.


  • 5 week, full time course
  • Requires twice daily check-ins at 10 am and 4 pm (ET) for 1 hour via Zoom for class discussion and code review
  • Recorded lectures you watch at your leisure each day
  • Access to instructor via Discord instant messaging
  • Quizzes and a final Assessment are given
  • Certificate provided upon completion of course


Practice connecting Python back end code to a dynamic modern client-side application, all created from the ground up. Get detailed feedback from your instructor and work through improving your code after the initial project completion. This feedback will help teach you how to improve the quality of your code and make sure that the whole project is as professional as possible, giving you two portfolio pieces to showcase your application development skills.

 At the end of these two guided projects, you will be comfortable creating your own end to end applications using modern technologies.



Project 1

Your first full programming project! Spend two weeks using Flask and React.js to make a basic web application. Learn how to work on a software project from start to finish, and use project management tools to make your work easier and smoother.

Project 2

Using technologies learned in your first project, create a web application that interacts with an external data source. Gather this data in real time to practice working with other applications, and continue practicing your web skills.


April 4, 2022
May 23, 2022
August 11, 2022


  • Knowledge of one or more programming languages
  • Basic knowledge of Python syntax
  • Intro to Python
    • Or you may test out of "Intro to Python" (Please speak with an Admissions Officer for this option)
  • Technical Interview
  • Admissions Call


  • Mon-Fri, 10 am -5 pm (EST)
  • 5 weeks

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