Top Big Data analytics tools in 2021

Big Data Analytics

In this modern rush era, data plays a significant role in the business world. However, raw data doesn't play a pivotal role until it is processed into meaningful insights.  Here comes the analytics tools, it gives raw data a meaningful insight that can help businesses to make more effective decisions to optimize their performance.

 There are bulks of data that have to be processed every day. For that instance, data analytics tools are in great demand nowadays.

Here are some of the top big data tools available on the web are,


  • Xplenty
  • Adverity
  • ti
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Cassandra
  • Rapidminer
  • Talend
  • Datawrapper
  • CDH (Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop)
  • Knime
  • Microsoft HDInsight
  • Skytree
  • Apache spark
  • Apache SAMOA



  1. Xplenty


  Xplenty is a cloud-based platform that helps you to integrate, Process, and prepare data for analytics. It will bring your data together from a wide range of sources and destinations.

 It is a complete toolkit for building data pipelines with very few codes and no code capabilities. It has immense solutions for marketing, sales, support, and developers.



  • It provides a Powerful, code-free, on-platform data transformation.
  • It gives an API for flexibility
  • First-class customer support through email, chats, phone, and online meeting
  • It delivers sharp connectivity to a variety of data streams and rich data transformation factors.


  1. Adverity


 Adverity is end-to-end marketing analytics that facilitates you to make a timely decision and enhance execution across all problems and channels. Its automated data integration from numerous sources, influential data visualizations, and AI-powered predicting analytics, enables businesses to track marketing operations in a single view and effortlessly gives new insights in an instant.



  • Completely automated Data integration from over 600 data streams.
  • AI-powered strong built-in predictive analytics.
  • High-level protection.


  1. Atlas.ti


 ATLAS.ti is an all-in-one research tool that can be used for qualitative coding and analyzing transcripts & field notes, mixed methods research in academic, market, and data visualization. This gives you access to ultra-compact access to the entire range of platforms.



  • You can export information on each source of data which helps you to navigate and rectify through a huge amount of documents and coded data fractions.
  • It offers you an indispensable way of working with your data.


  1. Apache Hadoop


 Apache Hadoop is a collection of open-source analytics tools that solves problems involving massive amounts of data and computation using a network of many computers efficiently. It processes a huge set of data by using the MapReduce programming model.

 Hadoop is an open-source frame written in java and it delivers cross-platform assistance.



  • The core strength of Hadoop is HDFS(Hadoop distributed file system) which can store every type of data, from plain text to videos.
  • Highly recommendable for Research and Development purposes.
  • Provides quick access to data through various sources.


  1. Cassandra


 Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed analytics tool created to organize high sets of data. which is distributed across Numerous servers, providing high availability. It can withstand an entire data center outage with no data loss.



  • Full proofed failure resistance.
  • Handles tons of data in a moment.
  • Scalable and flexible.
  • Free of cost


  1. RapidMiner


 Rapidminer is a cross-platform tool that offers a composed and coordinated atmosphere for data science, machine learning, and predicting analytics. It is utilized for various business applications as well as for study, education, exercise, rapid prototyping, and application development. It supports all phases of the machine learning process including data preparation, results in visualization, model validation, and optimization.



  • Open-source java core.
  • Integrates perfectly with APIs and cloud.
  • Excellent customer service and technical support.


  1. Talend


 Talend is a big data tool for Data Integration. It comprises various services; providing software solutions for data preparation, data quality, data integration, application integration, data management, and big data.



  • Facilitate ETL and ELT for big data.
  • Efficiently handle multiple sources of data.
  • Smarter data quality with machine learning.


  1. Datawrapper


 Datawrapper is an open-source platform for data visualization that helps its users to produce simple, comprehensive, and embeddable graphs very quickly.



  • It works on every kind of device- mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Fast and Fully responsive.
  • Excellent customization and export options
  • Doesn't require codings.
  • Free of cost as well as a customizable paid option.


  1. CDH (Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop)


  CDH is an open-source platform distribution, it has been created particularly to meet the demands of enterprises. By combining Hadoop with a dozen open significant open source projects, Cloudera had built an advanced system that helps you to go through end-to-end big data workflow.



  • Comprehensive distribution
  • Swift Implementation
  • Simple administration
  • High level of security


  1. Knime


  Knime is the abbreviation for Konstanz information Miner which is a data analytics software, used for enterprise reporting, integration, research, data mining, data analytics, and business intelligence.



  • Simple ETL Operation
  • Integrates very well with other technology
  • Superior algorithm sets
  • Automates a Bulk of manual work
  • Quick set-up.


  1. Microsoft HDInsight


 Microsoft HDInsight is a Spark and Hadoop service available in the cloud. It provides an enterprise-scale cluster for the business to run their big data workloads.



  • Reliable analytics
  • It provides a high level of security.
  • Yield high productivity for researchers and developers
  • Integrates with other remarkable Productivity applications.



  1. Skytree


 It is one of the best big data tools that help data scientists to build accurate models quicker. It provides reliable predictive machine learning algorithms that are convenient to use.



  • Scalable and flexible
  • Artificial intelligence-powered tool for data scientists
  • Provides insight to visualize and understand the logic behind ML decision
  • Programmatic



  1. Apache spark


 It is one of the most powerful open source big data tools out there. It uses a wide range of organizations to process big data sets. Providing over 80 high-level operators to making it easy to construct parallel apps.




  • Helps to Run an application on the Hadoop cluster swiftly.
  • Offers lightning-fast processing.
  • Support sophisticated analytics.
  • Integrates with Hadoop.



  1. Apache SAMOA


 It is a big data analytics tool, which enables the development of a new ML algorithm. It also delivers a batch of a distributed algorithm for big data stream mining and machine learning.



  • Faster and scalable
  • Real-time streaming
  • Free of cost


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