Delta Lake

This is a list of educational software that is computer software whose primary purpose is teaching or self-learning. == Educational software by subject == === Anatomy === 3D Indiana Bodyworks Voyager – Mission in Anatomy Primal Pictures Visible Human Project === Chemistry === Aqion - simulates water chemistry === Children's software === Bobo Explores Light ClueFinders titles Delta Drawing Edmark Fun School titles GCompris - free software (GPL) Gold Series JumpStart titles Kiwaka KidPix Lola Panda Museum Madness Ozzie series Reader Rabbit titles Tux Paint - free software (GPL) Zoombinis titles === Computer science === JFLAP - Java Formal language and Automata Package === Cryptography === CrypTool - illustrates cryptographic and cryptanalytic concepts === Dictionaries and reference === Britannica Encarta Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite === Geography and Astronomy === Cartopedia: The Ultimate World Reference Atlas Celestia Google Earth - (proprietary license) Gravit - a free (GPL) Newtonian gravity simulator KGeography KStars NASA World Wind - free software (NASA open source) Stellarium Swamp Gas Visits the United States of America - a game that teaches geography to children Where is Carmen Sandiego?