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Software Engineer, Mentor, Teacher
Current Employer: Google
Experience: 6 Years
Hey everyone, I'm Andrea! I currently work on Firebase at Google and also dedicate much of my time to company-wide efforts and non-profit organizations (specifically Rewriting the Code, Built By Girls, Sankofatech) to diversify the tech industry through mentorship and teaching. I'm currently an instructor at The Coding Space and a mentor at Emeritus and Pathrise as well. Before Google, I traveled around the world, implemented features for the Yahoo Finance mobile web and Android app, added network protocols to Cisco's ASA firewall, and graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (it's one major and I focused on CS), minors in philosophy and music. In my spare time, I'm exploring nature through various means (hiking, running, canyoneering, snowboarding, anything really), meeting strangers from all over while traveling, doing photography, and writing. I've also been living nomadically for more than a year now on the west side of the US chasing mountains and hiking!

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