Developer for web-based application

Developer for web-based application

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- Design, code and modify websites while meeting client specifications. 

- Write well designed, testable, efficient code. 

- Maintain, expand, and scale websites as needed. 

- Create website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices. 

- Coordinate with web designers to match visual design intent. 

- Design, code and debug applications in various software languages.  React JS specifically

- Integrate data from various back-end services and databases. 

- Evaluate and identify new technologies for implementation. 


Required graduation year

2018 - 2022



- Proven experience as a Web Developer or equivalent background 

- Experience in web design and programming 

- Knowledge of UI, browser compatibility, web functions and standards. 

- Experience with relational database systems, object oriented programming, web application development and search engine optimization 

- Coding expertise in React JS required plus familiarity with the following programming languages: PHP, Java, Javascript, Drupal, SQL

- Excellent organizational, planning and time management skills 

- Advanced attention to detail and problem solving skills 

- Solid communication skills (written and verbal) 


About YouROK Corp.

YouROK is a platform intended to disrupt the mental health industry through prevention by building emotional resiliency but more importantly detecting the onset of mental health issues to proactively offer targeted treatment exactly at the moment it is most needed. Unlike other mental health apps K’Bro will not rely on industry standard assessments but develop its own unique assessment capabilities through deep learning. Our market entry product is an app that is part game/part anonymous sharing/part knowledgebase using sentiment analysis to assess kids’ emotional well-being and to keep kids, parents and professionals tuned to the child’s emotional health. Longer term the platform is intended to support parents, therapists and other relevant professionals to deliver virtual therapy through texting, video conferencing or intelligent virtual agents as well as other technology based interventions. YouROK won the 2019 Impact Award from the American Psychiatry Association's Innovation Lab.
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