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Learn JavaScript for Free

JavaScript is one of the most in-demand and exciting languages to learn for aspiring developers. Learn JavaScript fundamentals and learn how to think like a developer by exploring some of its key building blocks. After this lesson, you’ll have all the tools you need to take your JavaScript skills to the next level.


Learn JavaScript for Free

Our Learn JavaScript lessons are free — that way you can set your schedule and learn the fundamentals at your own pace.

Prepare for a coding boot camp

Intro to JavaScript is an efficient way to get real hands-on experience with programming fundamentals you’ll need to get into our immersive software engineering course.

Programming as a Conversation

Whether or not you’ve written code before, it’s important to approach learning a new language with the right mindset. Learn how to think about writing code as a means of communicating, just like having a conversation with a friend.

JavaScript Variables

Start composing larger applications by creating variables, so you can assign labels to any data you need to access throughout your programs.

JavaScript Data Types

Learn how JavaScript categorizes the different types of data like strings, numbers, and objects, and how each of them interacts in this dynamic language.

Working with Strings

Know when and how to use different syntax for handling text in your application, and compose complex strings elegantly using interpolation.

Mentorship at Nestria

Learn from the Best

Remove the uncertainty of joining a new field. Get advice from those who’ve been there, on whatever topics you struggle with.

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