Information Technology Programmer

Information Technology Programmer

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Maintain network and server security, operating systems and communication links, including phone, fax, and email. Assist in managing the staff and resources dedicated to supporting office automation, PCs and end-user equipment, network and systems security, and database administration.


  • Maintainence: Administer and support automation systems such as, but not limited to the core system Symitar Episys, SymXchange, SymConnect, SymForm, OpCon, Good Night Processing, ImageCenter by ProfitStars, and other systems as required. Initiates, plans, coordinates, executes and documents routine tasks such as, scheduled core application release upgrades, patch upgrades, data purges, data archival, backup and restorations. Ensures updates and patches are tested, functional, and delivered to terminals in a timely fashion after release. Manages the Credit Union WiFi Network.
  • Core Systems: Administer the core systems and hardware of the Credit Union. Identifies and documents potential issues, prepares necessary corrective and preventative action plans. Provides primary support for the Credit Union network and PC/LAN servers which includes planning, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting network and system hardware and software.
  • Project Management: Plans, coordinates, executes and documents project activities as assigned by the Manager or Director of IT. Work with department staff to coordinate Episys release testing procedures in advance of any new release upgrade or major service pack deployment. Assumes role of project lead as assigned that require resources from the core operations area.
  • Disaster Recovery: Oversees the maintenance of hardware and software and provides technical support for disaster recovery testing.
  • Administers planning, implementing, maintaining and otherwise supporting the LAN system, PC hardware and software products, wide area communications, database systems, network and systems security and access controls. Works with other departments and selected vendors as necessary to ensure smooth transition in every deployment and upgrade for the core systems and other correlated applications.
  • Reviews and recommends IT related settings such as firewall rules, web content filtering, intrusion detection, etc. Reviews, resolves issues, and maintains critical event logs. Performs routine checkups on lights-out operations.
  • Participates in short and long-range planning for the department to select and utilize appropriate technologies to meet the evolving needs of the company and its members.

Skills & Qualifications

  • (1) A bachelor's degree, or (2) achievement of formal certifications recognized in the industry as equivalent to a bachelor's degree (e.g. information technology certifications in lieu of a degree).
  • 2 years of more of programing and coding experience
  • 2 years or more of Symitar PowerOn programming experience.
  • 2 years or more supporting and developing financial applications.
  • 2-5 years or more of hands on knowledge of other Symitar-related technologies such as SymXchange, SymConnect, SymForm, OpCon, Good Night processing, etc.
  • Ability to discuss technical issues effectively with other data processing professionals as well as non-technical users.

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