Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack

Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack

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Do you love understanding every detail of how new technologies work? Join the team that serves as Apple’s nerve center, our Information Systems and Technology group. There are countless ways you’ll contribute here, whether you’re coordinating technology needs for product launches, designing music solutions for retail locations, or ensuring the strength of in-store Wi-Fi connections. From Apple Pay to the Apple website to our data centers around the globe, you’ll help design and manage the massive systems that countless employees and customers rely on every day. You’ll also build custom tools for employees, empowering them to solve complex problems on their own. Join our team, and together we’ll explore all the ways to improve how Apple operates, freeing our employees to do what they do best: craft magical experiences for our customers.

Are you meticulously organized and highly observant? Join our Information Systems and Technology group and play a vital function on one of two Apple teams: Software and Services and Corporate Functions. From Apple ID to the Apple website to our data centers around the globe, our diverse collection of engineers, designers and creators manage the massive systems and services that so many people rely on every single day. We also build the custom tools that empower other Apple employees to solve problems on their own. Joining this group means you’ll be part of the Apple nerve center. You could play a meaningful role in helping Apple connect with over a billion customer devices around the world. Or you could help over 130,000 employees stay connected with each other and our suppliers. Together, you and your team will help everyone at Apple do what they do best: explore every possibility.

At Apple, we believe that hard work, a lively environment, creativity, and innovations fuel the ultimate customer experience! We believe each project and program within Apple requires the top-in-class tools and integrations between them to seamlessly connect, build and collaborate together. Collaboration & Productivity team is seeking an exceptional Software Engineer passionate about designing, developing and testing innovative and user-friendly solutions and come up with innovative solutions empowering various interactions within the company. Having a strong eye for detail on par with Apple’s high standards, a proven track record of partnering with a diverse set of stakeholders, and a deep technical understanding of building intuitive and scalable products will be key to success! The ideal candidate must possess excellent leadership and team-player skills, be a pro-active solution-oriented individual with strong written and verbal communication skills.

Key Qualifications

5+ years of hands-on experience in design & development using Java/J2EE frameworks with emphasis on building Micro Services and Web Services

3+ years of expertise in building web UI/portals using ReactJS or AngularJS or similar frameworks with excellent in-depth understanding of various UI components and MVC design

Proven experience with SQL/NOSQL distributed backend databases like Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc

3+ Years of strong experience in Developing, Designing and Architecting products which involves problem solving at scale, performance, IO, security, privacy and accessibility within the boundaries of infrastructure limitations

Strong fundamentals on Object Oriented Design skills, Data Structures & Algorithms, Transaction Management, Services & MicroServices Design, Distributed and Multi-threaded processing

Strong expertise in designing big distributed scalable systems and coming up with message driven/event driven, highly available and resilient architectures

Working with OAUTH or SSO authentication or authorization protocols

Experience building End-to-End products including end-to-end tech stack

Experience working on scripting frameworks like Python

Experience working with 3rd party and in-house cloud technologies using cloud native architectures and technologies, Kubernetes and infrastructure-as-code

Solid coding, unit tests, CI/CD

Working experience with multi-functional teams using Agile/SCRUM and iterative models

Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal, and organizational skills


This role is predominantly a backend role, but frontend would be a big plus. Your responsibilities will include all aspects of software development management, from design and analysis to development, implementation and maintenance. You must be a proactive and hardworking individual. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be a contributing member of a team that implements new product features, improves existing product features, while adding performance and software quality metrics to our codebase. You will work closely with business partners, other engineering teams, quality assurance, management, as well as human interface and user experience designers.

Education & Experience

BS or MS degree in computer science or equivalent field

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