Pandas for Data Science

Pandas for Data Science

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Pandas is one of the most popular tool used by Data Scientists who already program in Python, which is used for data manipulation and data analysis. This session is for those who want to get in this field, learning this amazing tool that helps us on a daily basis. The main objective of this class is to teach you some of the main basics concepts about Pandas, so you can start doing your own analysis.

This class will cover topics including:

  • - Brief overview of Pandas
    • - intro to dataframe
    • - reading files
  • - Simple statistics with Pandas
    • - sum
    • - mean
    • - describe
  • - Basic operations
    • - dealing with missing values
    • - dropping duplicated values
    • - assigning new columns to dataframe
    • - accessing columns
    • - accessing rows
    • - unique, nunique, value_counts functions
  • - Transforming the data
    • - apply and map functions

This session is geared for anyone, who wants to become a Data Scientist. It’s preferable if you already know Python. In this section I will be using Jupyter Notebook, to guide and walk through the explanation about the topics above. See you there.

Tutor: Nicolas Costa

Mentorship at Nestria

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