Praveena Alapati

Praveena Alapati

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Python Instructor
Current Employer: N/A
Experience: 17 Years
After completing my Masters from University of Toledo, I enjoyed working at various IT companies for 13+ years. My experience includes working in web and windows applications, web and windows services. As much as I loved expanding my critical thinking and problem solving skills, I felt like I had a higher calling and looked for soul career. While experimenting my career choices, I stumbled upon teaching and fell in love with it. Since then, I worked as Middle school computers, logic and economics homeroom teacher at a prestigious private school. I also worked as Camp director and instructor teaching various technologies at Spur IQ summer camp. Since Covid times, I had to resign from school and started teaching python classes via online along side tutoring college students in Python. I thoroughly enjoy working in this field and hope to continue to be here.

Mentorship at Nestria

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