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This Intro to Python Course presented by Byte Academy provides an introduction to software engineering in the Python programming language. Students with no experience will go from zero to understanding the core concepts of coding.

This series consists of the following 3 classes:


What You'll Learn

You will learn the fundamental concepts of programming in Python, concepts that are shared by almost all programming languages. The course is a great way to find out if coding is right for you. Even if you have no intention of becoming a software engineer, your new expertise will help you perform faster data analysis, communicate more effectively with technology teams and provide a foundation for further study.

By the end of this course, you will be comfortable with:

  • Python Data Types
  • Control Flows and Loops
  • Functions and Exception Handling

Class Schedule

Intro to Python is held over 2 weeks- on Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6pm, ET. Lectures are 1 - 2 hours long per session. After lectures, work on the exercises at your own pace. An assessment may be taken on the last day to qualify for the bootcamp.

If you missed the start date, don't worry! We repeat this again in 5 weeks.

Evening Sessions

  • May 24th, Tuesday: lecture at 6 pm ET
  • May 26th, Thursday: lecture at 6 pm ET
  • May 31st, Tuesday: lecture at 6 pm ET
  • Anytime after May 31st : Assessment (requires 2 hours) (optional and free)

Meet Your Instructor

Greg Smith

Lead Instructor, Byte Academy

Greg originally learned Python as a scripting language for environmental mapping software and statistical analysis. He graduated with a BS in Environmental Science (environmental toxicology specifically) and minors in Economics and Biology. He then turned to web development which he found more fulfilling than statistics, though he has also dabbled in iOS development.

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