Apache MXNet

Apache MXNet is another deep learning framework that focuses on research prototyping and production. Its main strength is that it’s highly scalable, which is great for fast model training. That doesn’t mean that such trait is the only thing it has to show for itself – MXNet also supports multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, Perl, R, and many more. 

This list of Apache Software Foundation projects contains the software development projects of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).Besides the projects, there are a few other distinct areas of Apache: Incubator: for aspiring ASF projects Attic: for retired ASF projects INFRA - Apache Infrastructure Team: provides and manages all infrastructure and services for the Apache Software Foundation, and for each project at the Foundation == Active projects == Accumulo: secure implementation of Bigtable ActiveMQ: message broker supporting different communication protocols and clients, including a full Java Message Service (JMS) 1.1 client. Airavata: Apache Airavata is a distributed system software framework to manage simple to composite applications with complex execution and workflow patterns on diverse computational resources Airflow: Apache Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows Allura: Python-based open source implementation of a software forge Ambari: Apache Ambari makes Hadoop cluster provisioning, managing, and monitoring dead simple Ant: Java-based build tool AntUnit: The Ant Library provides Ant tasks for testing Ant task, it can also be used to drive functional and integration tests of arbitrary applications with Ant Ivy: Apache Ivy is a very powerful dependency manager oriented toward Java dependency management, even though it could be used to manage dependencies of any kind IvyDE: Integrate Ivy in Eclipse with the IvyDE plugin Any23: Anything To Triples (Any23) is a library, a web service and a command line tool that extracts structured data in RDF format from a variety of Web documents APISIX: cloud-native microservices API gateway Archiva: Build Artifact Repository Manager Aries: OSGi Enterprise Programming Model Arrow: "A high-performance cross-system data layer for columnar in-memory analytics".