We’ve already listed several Symfony-based frameworks and Silex comes to add itself to that group. This PHP micro web framework is another platform that focuses on being lightweight, which translates into a series of options to easily add features to the Silex base. It comes in two versions. The slim version just includes a basic routing engine and it’s a good option to develop small web applications.

Silex is a micro web framework written in PHP and based on Symfony, Twig (template engine) and Doctrine (database abstraction). It is MIT Licensed. The general purpose of Silex is to be as lightweight as you need it to be, as it is made for it to be as easy as possible to add features and extend the Silex base.[2] Silex can be used for the creation of small web applications (e.g. REST APIs) as this is the main case for micro frameworks, however Silex can be extended into a full stack MVC framework.