Retrofitting is the addition of new technology or features to older systems, for example: power plant retrofit, improving power plant efficiency, increasing output or reducing emissions home energy retrofit, the improving of existing buildings with energy efficiency equipment seismic retrofit, the process of strengthening older buildings in order to make them earthquake-resistant Naval vessels often undergo retrofitting in dry dock to incorporate new technologies, change their operational designation, or compensate for perceived weaknesses in their design or gun plan. == Benefits == Saving on capital expenditure while benefiting from new technologies Optimization of existing plant components Adaptation of the plant for new or changed products Increase in piece number and cycle time Guaranteed spare parts availability Reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability == Manufacturing == Principally retrofitting describes the measures taken in the manufacturing industry to allow new or updated parts to be fitted to old or outdated assemblies (like blades to wind turbines).Retrofitting parts are necessary for manufacture when the design of a large assembly is changed or revised.