The following is a list of notable word processors. == Free and open-source software == AbiWord Apache OpenOffice Writer Calligra Words Collabora Online Writer - enterprise-ready edition of LibreOffice, included with Online, Mobile and Desktop apps EtherPad – real-time word processor GNU TeXmacs – document preparation system Groff JWPce – Japanese word processor, designed primarily for the English speaker who is reading or writing in Japanese KWord LibreOffice Writer LyX - TeX document processor OnlyOffice Desktop Editors Ted Trelby – screenplay word processor == Proprietary software == === Commercial === Apple Pages, part of its iWork suite – Mac, iOS Applix Word – Linux Atlantis Word Processor – Windows Documents To Go – Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian Final Draft – screenplay/teleplay word processor FrameMaker Gobe Productive Word Processor Hangul (also known as HWP) IA Writer – Mac, iOS IBM DisplayWrite - DOS IBM SCRIPT – IBM VM/370 IBM SCRIPT/VS – IBM z/VM or z/OS systems Ichitaro – Japanese word processor produced by JustSystems InCopy IntelliTalk iStudio Publisher – Mac Kingsoft Writer – Windows and Linux Mathematica – technical and scientific word processing Mellel – Mac Microsoft Word – Windows and Mac Microsoft Works Word Processor (abandoned) Microsoft Write – Windows and Mac (a stripped-down version of Word, abandoned) MonsterWriter Nisus Writer – Mac Nota Bene – Windows Polaris Office – Android and Windows Mobile PolyEdit QuickOffice – Android, iOS, Symbian (abandoned) Scrivener TechWriter – RISC OS Text Control - Word Processing SDK Library TextMaker ThinkFree Office Write Ulysses – Mac, iPadOS, iOS WordPad – previously known as "Write" in older versions than Windows 95; has been included in all versions of Windows since Windows 1.01.