Alexjandro Daviano

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Lead Data Scientist
Current Employer: Humana Inc.
Experience: 11 Years

Dr. Daviano has doctoral education in epidemiology/biostatistics/applied statistics, and osteopathy. He is a clinical scientist studying the epidemiology of injuries and trauma, osteopathic interventions on injury and morbidity, prevention and slowing of the progression of illnesses, conditions, and diseases. Now working with Humana's DH&A ECOM division, to ensure clinicians and systems have the information and tools they need to identify and prioritize patients and their conditions and treatments. Creates models that translate clinical data and patients information to identify patients with high priority conditions, events, and symptoms. This then helps patients and populations receive the treatments, interventions, and procedures that are better specified for their particular conditions, diseases, and events.

Dr. Daviano also holds Masters degrees in Global Public Health concentrating in Epidemiology/Biostatistics, as well as Data Science. He attended Texas A&M University and the National University of Medical Science for his doctoral education and the University of New England, Regis University, and Military training through the US Air Force for the others.

Dr. Daviano is always looking to help others while constantly learning more on his own as well as through training and educational opportunities.

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