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What you'll get on the free plan

With App Academy Open you’ll get free access to App Academy’s entire in-person full-stack curriculum (that's over 1,500 hours of material!), which has placed thousands of people in software development jobs.


Custom interactive coding environment

Don’t struggle with setting up your coding environment for hours. We’ve built one directly into the platform so you can get started right away!

1,500 hours of full-stack curriculum

This is the same curriculum taught in our 16 week Software Engineering Immersive program. You’ll learn everything full-stack from JavaScript to Ruby on Rails, and more.


Chat live with a community of coders
Join a community of over 200,000 coders on their journey towards becoming full-stack web developers. Chat about the curriculum, problems, job opportunities and more.

Find out if coding is for you

App Academy Open is the best free resource to learn to code online. If you're unsure about attending a coding bootcamp like App Academy, try out Open and see if it's for you!

Mentorship at Nestria

Learn from the Best

Remove the uncertainty of joining a new field. Get advice from those who’ve been there, on whatever topics you struggle with.

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