Backend Developer - Internship (Remote)

Backend Developer - Internship (Remote)

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About the job

What are we looking for?
A passionate backend Intern Node.js specifically.
Who Should apply?

Apply only If you

  • Think you are at least 8 on 10 in Node.js

  • And have been coding in Node.js for 6 months - 1 year

  • Are super enthusiastic about building something that adds immense value to the lives of at least 10Mn people

  • Have the strength to build things single handedly

  • Have immense hunger to learn, grow and prove yourself

Shortlisting Criteria

You will have to do a coding test.
We respect your time and are in no way doubting your skills, but that’s how you would like to hire someone in your team, right?

Why work with us?

Infinite freedom & ownership.

Work directly with the founders.

Like you, we too love solving for time and space complexities.

What is the company about?

We are creating a stock market of creators.

Where Social Media Influencers can get funded by their fans and in return issue them coins which represent a stake in their future income. Imagine if you had invested in Tanmay Bhatt or CarryMinati 5 years back

More About Us

Who are the founders?

Serial Entrepreneurs

Nikunj Jain

IIT-Delhi 2010, Forbes 30U30

Alan Dsouza

Whose Backing Us?

Goodwater Capital (Early Investors at Facebook)

And Unicorn Founders like Kunal Shah- CRED, Varun Alagh- MamaEarth, Sumit-CoinDCX, Suhail Sameer -BharatPe CEO, Niraj Singh-Spinny, Saahil-Shoprocket and many other ultra gifted people.

What's the company Culture like?

Extremely passionate.

We’re only looking for people who want to prove to the world how gifted and hardworking they are or who really really want to truly democratize access to capital

This is not a job, it’s a mission.

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