Byte Academy Growth Intern

Byte Academy Growth Intern

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Byte Academy ( is looking for a Business Operations Intern to join our online campus. This internship offers a rewarding, hands-on experience by providing an opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the daily operations in the Business Operations department via observations and shadowing. Intern responsibilities could include detailed project management, event planning and support, logistics, data base management, research/planning/analysis, web projects, public relations, and administration.

We have a fun, learning, startup culture and you'll have a chance to learn from entrepreneurs and industry veterans.

Essential functions:

  • Develop and implement projects as assigned, which could include events, activities, programs or research studies
  • Create and carry out a cohesive plan for each assigned project. Establish and maintain contact with all appropriate individuals to ensure that the plan is implemented in the best interest of the organization
  • Execute all administrative and operational tasks for assigned projects
  • Support and participate in the continuous assessment and improvement of the quality of services provided and projects produced
  • Understand and comply with NY State Board of Education regulations, while meeting all in-service requirements
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