Divide & Conquer Algorithms

Divide & Conquer Algorithms

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Programming requires a good knowledge of the fundamentals of computer science, especially common data structures and algorithms. This class will cover divide & conquer algorithms, commonly used to solve programing problems efficiently. Divide & conquer algorithms can be applied to a wide range of different problems, as long as you can break the original problem into smaller, simpler subproblems.

This class will cover topics including:

  • Benefits, drawbacks, and use cases of divide & conquer algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Memoization
  • Tabulation
  • Examples of coding questions using divide & conquer algorithms

This class is meant for those with some background in a programming language, though Python will be used for examples. Attendees with knowledge of another language should be able to grasp the concepts covered, and some attendees with enough math background but limited or no programming knowledge may be able to understand the class as well, at least on a conceptual level.

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