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Engineering Intern

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About the Internship:
Evtek is a full-service Recycling Technology Company that helps people, businesses, and municipalities who want money and data for their recyclables. The Evtek System is a reliable and trustworthy recycling solution that generates metrics to connect consumers to their actions and provides our customers value through rewards, discounts, consumer data, and higher quality raw materials. Unlike other companies that have aging and inefficient recycling processes, Evtek increases value by maximizing efficiency at every step of the supply chain.

Our team is small, fast, and agile and we are tackling some of the industry's most challenging problems every day. We are partnered with one of Long Island's largest recycling centers so we are able to test our technology in the real world and make a true difference in our community and beyond.

Remote work and In-Person Options Available:
Flexible Duration (10 Week Minimum).
Flexible Hours (Maximum 40 hours/week).

General Skills Required:
Passion for Recycling.
Rising Junior or Senior at Accredited 4 Year College currently pursuing a B.S. or M.S./Ph.D. with an expected graduation date of any time in 2022 or 2023 or have graduated within the last 12 months.
If not working remotely, able to travel to Brooklyn/Long Island for a hybrid work environment.
Curiosity, Creativity, and Patience.
Ability to grasp new concepts quickly.

Internship Track 1 - Machine Learning Engineering
Evtek’s Machine learning team builds the algorithmic systems that drive our business. You will work with great mentors who will be helping you all the way from defining the problem, identifying the potential solutions and planning the path to take it to product, and potentially publishing your work in reputed AI/ML/DS venues.

Develop highly scalable classifiers and tools leveraging machine learning, regression, and rules-based models
Suggest, collect and synthesize requirements and create an effective feature roadmap
Code deliverables in tandem with the engineering team
Adapt standard machine learning methods to best exploit modern parallel environments (e.g. distributed clusters, multicore SMP, and GPU)

Required Experience, Skills, and Education:
You have experience working with any of these languages: Python, Go, Java, C++.
You are familiar with machine learning libraries or frameworks such as sklearn, keras, tensorflow, pytorch, spark-ml, R.
You have experience in ML engineering, through previous internships, coursework, or open-source projects.
You are passionate about designing software systems and shipping high-quality code.

Great Additional Experience:
Image-based ML project experience.

Internship Track 2 - Full Stack Software Engineering
As a Full Stack Software Engineering Intern you will work with a well-rounded team of fellow interns to own one or more projects throughout the internship. You will be paired with experienced software architects and developers for daily guidance to guide you in the architecture and production-ready code practices.

Work with stakeholders and others in a multidisciplinary team to define requirements and develop an end-to-end solution.
Be responsible for the full DevOps implementation of Production-ready code from inception through delivery and production readiness.
Practice the Agile methodology of software delivery, where your team will completely rely on all team members. Therefore, every team member will be performing all tasks in the day in the life of software delivery. This includes daily stand-ups, iteration planning, and retrospectives.

Required Experience, Skills, and Education:
Knowledge and/or experience in software development.

Great Additional Experience:
Full-stack development experience (using frameworks such as React, AngularJS, and NodeJS)
Hands-on experience with object-oriented programming languages (Python + Flask, Scala & JavaScript).
Experience with Cloud base architecture (for example: AWS/EC2 or Google Cloud development).
Experience with DevOps or MLOps tools (Kubeflow).
Exposure to Agile development methodologies.
Experience with Machine Learning and or AI.
Experience with data analysis and reporting.

Internship Track 3 - Mechanical Engineering (Robotics/Mechanism Design Focused)
Interns will apply design, analysis, and testing skills across mechanical, electrical, and software engineering disciplines to develop new robotic systems for recycling – working closely with a team of engineers through the development process from concept generation through end-to-end testing. This position requires the desire to solve complex problems in a fast-paced environment as well as provide feedback to others executing tasks across all active projects.

Mechanism design includes bearings, gears, motors, springs, and other motion and static components.
Robotic system design includes rapid component integration, detailed top-down development, and simulation.
High-Reliability design and analysis for long-life space applications.
Proactively identifying risks to technical progress and their appropriate mitigations.
Generating design, development, test plan, and interface control documentation.
Contributing to process improvement initiatives.

Required Experience, Skills, and Education:
Excellent intra-team and client-facing collaboration and communication.
Confidence to take initiative in work, learn quickly, and pursue problems to completion.
Knowledge of motion component design for robotic mechanisms.
Knowledge of common sensor and actuator models, integration, and practical concerns.
Experience in Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, or similar CAD software.
Experienced in Matlab/Simulink, C, C++, Python, and familiar with other programming languages.

Internship Track 4 - Electrical Engineering:
Our comprehensive internship program will allow you to gain hands-on experience and broaden your engineering, communication, and business acumen skills You'll be immersed in the Evtek culture where we collaborate to best serve our customers; where we empower and inspire each other through support, autonomy, and trust; and where we set big goals, rise to achieve them, and win as a team! Our Electrical Engineering Interns are assigned progressively challenging projects in the area of electronic design, human-machine interface, power electronics, motion control, and embedded design, which assists and supports our business.

Assemble printed circuit boards with electronic components.
Conduct electrical and thermal testing per specs and conduct data analysis and reporting.
Assist engineers in developing in-house assembly processes.
Assist Electrical Engineers to develop and update technical documents, including PCB layout, Bill of Materials, in-line testing specs.
Follow all safety policies and procedures, including wearing required personal protective equipment.
Put your education into action in the field to support and participate in assigned project work.
Support operations in achieving production goals while partnering with experienced engineers, managers, and other team members.

Required Experience, Skills, and Education:
Familiarity with test equipment to assist in troubleshooting and debugging (For Example, Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, etc).
Familiarity with microcontroller programming.
Familiarity with motor control electronics.
Electrical design including component selection for electrical ground support equipment (power supplies, motor controllers, MCU’s, etc) and harnessing.
Design and implement control algorithms and provide feedback to system-level design.
Experience with electronics in industrial applications is a plus, but not required.
Experience with board layout is a plus, but not required.
Able to work independently with minimum supervision.
Ability to problem solve and apply critical thinking skills.

Come join us and Close the Loop.

About Evtek:
We believe it is our responsibility to build a sustainable world. It is possible to naturally shift human behavior so that together we save and maintain the world's beauty, instead of destroying it. When our customers recycle with us, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure them that they aren't just recycling, they are truly contributing to closing the loop. Our incentive-based programs coupled with advanced metrics allow individuals and corporations to easily adopt a sustainable lifestyle. When you recycle with us it is just the beginning, through our educational programs and eco-friendly product line, we help guide people to make sustainable choices, creating a first of its kind positive feedback loop.

Note: Evtek stipends of up to $1000 are provided to interns who meet minimum hourly working requirements. This is not an hourly paid position; however, students are encouraged to apply for a stipend/ hourly payment through the BNYDC Internship Program ( and through their College or University. Most accredited programs in the US have internal funding to support internships. We also do not provide accommodation. If intending to work in person, please ensure you are interested in an internship in New York City under these circumstances before applying.

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