Executive Search Intern

Executive Search Intern

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About the Marymont Group

The Marymont Group is a global retained executive search firm offering innovative, first-class leadership solutions to the aerospace, high technology, industrial, and defense sectors. We combine deep industry knowledge with a wealth of experience to provide our clients with the talent to meet their high-level staffing needs.

Position Summary

The Executive Search Intern will work in all areas of recruiting, supporting efforts to find the appropriate talent for each retained executive search. S/he will perform research and candidate sourcing utilizing a variety of methods and will be trained and supported by the Marymont Group team. S/he will have the opportunity to study the operations of a specialized retained executive search firm, including exposure to the staffing functions of Fortune 500 companies. This role is ideal for someone interested in pursuing a career in executive recruiting, human resources, or staffing. The opportunity for growth into a full-time Associate will be available to an individual who shows exceptional performance and desires a full-time position.


  • Identifying candidates to fill specific job openings and developing a pipeline of qualified individuals for recruiters to contact
  • Observing all aspects of the search process including research processes, recruiting and interviewing candidates, and client-candidate interactions
  • Gaining a solid understanding of our client industries including competitive landscape, products, and organizational structures
  • Maintaining current awareness of issues associated with key client engagements and maintain a pro-active approach to search process execution
  • Preparing a variety of documents for client presentations including editing and proofreading documents intended for the senior leaders of our client organizations
  • Researching
  • Developing an intimate knowledge of Marymont search operations and assisting in many aspects of timely search process management
  • Updating Marymont's internal candidate tracker/database
  • Executing special research projects, on an as-needed basis that will improve upon existing research


The Executive Search Intern will have completed a Bachelor’s degree and/or be in the process of completing a Bachelor's or Master's degree. A well-rounded candidate will be highly organized and detail-oriented and demonstrate exceptional writing and editing skills. Applicants should be well-versed in the use of Microsoft Office, with experience utilizing online social networking and search tools. An interest in gaining a deep knowledge of the industrial/organizational, human resource, diversity, and staffing functions is highly desired.

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