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Flatiron - API Integration


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Learn API Integration for Free

What is an API? And how do APIs work? Learn all about Application Programming Interfaces with our hands-on workshop that explores API calculations & data transformation.


Why learn API Integration with Flatiron School?


 Learn API Integration for free

Our free API integration lessons are free — that way you can set your schedule and learn about data integration at your own pace.


Explore your future in tech

Our API integration lessons are the best way to get acquainted with APIs and how they work — brush up on your skills, or explore if coding is the right career path for you.

Prepare for a coding bootcamp

Our API integration lessons are an efficient way to get real hands-on experience with the basics you’ll need to get into our immersive software engineering course.


What you'll learn: API Integration

Fetching API Data with JavaScript

Learn how APIs work with JavaScript and how to use JavaScript to make HTTP requests.


 Using Data with HTML

Learn how to use document.querySelector() to set values to elements.


What is HTTP?

Read how HTTP — HypterText Transfer Protocol — works and how it impacts API integration.

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Learn from the Best

Remove the uncertainty of joining a new field. Get advice from those who’ve been there, on whatever topics you struggle with.