Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

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About the job

Highlight of the engagement opportunity

  • Nature of role: Full time
  • Number of years of experience expected: 3-5 Years
  • Areas of past experience preferred: Full Stack Development
  • Educational qualification expected: Graduate
  • Preferred geography of previous work experience: India / Europe / APAC / US
  • Language requirements: Ability to write and speak fluently in English
  • Application experience: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL and Hadoop

Key responsibility areas:

  • Develop end to end functionalities including database linkages, compute logics, application flow and front-end user interface
  • Design and build solutions on proprietary applications according to client requirements.
  • Adhere to coding standards and protocols mandated by product organization
  • Follow devops standards and protocols mandated by product organization
  • Automate product testing within framework established by product organization
  • Convert specific client use cases to scalable product functionalities which can be used across clientele
  • Connect with third-party application APIs for usage from Acies applications.
  • Drive the day-to-day execution of assigned client projects.
  • Staying informed of latest developments in web applications and programming languages.

Other important information:

  • Work permit requirements: Either Indian Citizen or having valid work permit to work in India
  • Period of engagement: Full-time position
  • Probation period: 6 months
  • Compensation: Compensation varies depending on the skill, fitment and role played by the person. Compensation discussions will take place post the selection process.
  • Performance incentives: Typically, all roles at Acies have a performance incentive. Specific aspects will be discussed during the compensation discussion
  • Leave: 22 working days a year. Additional leaves for national holidays, sick leaves, maternity and paternity, bereavement and studies vary based on the city and country of engagement.
  • Other benefits: Other employment benefits including medical insurance will be informed during the compensation discussion.
  • Career growth for full-time roles: Acies believes in a transparent and data-based performance evaluation system. You are encouraged to clarify any questions you have with respect to career growth with Acies personnel you interact with during the selection process.

Selection process:

We seek to be transparent during the selection process. While the actual process may vary from the process indicated below, the key steps involved are as follows:

  • Test: Online test on Python, JS and ReactJS
  • Personal interviews: There are expected to be at least 2 rounds of interviews. The number of interview rounds may increase depending on the criticality and seniority of the role involved.
  • Final discussion on career and compensation: Post final selection, a separate discussion will be set up to discuss compensation and career growth. You are encouraged to seek any clarifications you have during this discussion.

Preparation required:

It is recommended that you prepare on some of the following aspects before the selection process:

  • Understanding of python-based web application development framework
  • Understanding of python-based libraries for parallel processing
  • Demonstrate proficiency in use of back-end server-side languages like Python/C++/Java
  • Demonstrate proficiency in database technology such as MS SQL/MySql/Oracle/MongoDB/Hadoop

For any additional queries you may have, you can send a LinkedIn InMail to us, connect with us at https://www.acies.consulting/contact-us.php or e-mail us at careers@acies.consulting.

How to reach us:

Should you wish to apply for this job, please reach out to us directly through LinkedIn or apply on our website career page - https://www.acies.consulting/careers-apply.html

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