Habab Idrees

Habab Idrees

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Current Employer: Beaver Tech
Experience: 2 Years
I am currently an undergrad CS major student at Stanford affiliated Habib University. I am studying here on a 100% scholarship. I am working with different organizations as a Data Science consultant and instructor. I have a great fundamental understanding of the Computer Science and it's many facets such as Object-Oriented Programming, Databases, Data Structures and Algorithm, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. I have used these core concepts in real-world application and have developed software and mobile applications which are used by different companies globally. My passion for teaching has made me join Nestria. I have taught in several programming boot camps such as Family AI Science organized by Pakistan Science Club and Stem Camp organized by Pakistan Innovation Foundation. My students are from all around the world I have taught python to students from Cambridge University UK and Waterloo University Canada. Why me? My teaching approach varies from student to student. Throughout my teaching career, I have realized that the best way to communicate your ideas to your students is by understanding at what level they stand and what issues they are facing. All students learn at a different pace so it is the responsibility of the teacher to design the course accordingly.

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