Intern - Software Engineer

Intern - Software Engineer

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About the job

Position Summary:

You will be an intern on one of Abnormal Security's engineering teams. You'll be expected to work closely with your teammates to deliver system improvements & new product features, and participate in all team processes.


  • In process of attaining Bachelor’s in Computer Science, or equivalent subject expertise
  • Strong sense of proactive ownership - taking pride and responsibility for the quality of all systems and products we deliver to our customers
  • Hard-working attitude and eager to work closely with other engineering team members.
  • Humble and willing to ask questions and give opinions
  • Experience or excited to work with Python & relational databases

Nice To Haves:

  • Previous startup work experience, or working in the early stages of a product’s lifecycle
  • Built data ingestion pipelines, stream processing, data workflows, or other “data-centric” engineering solutions for high-throughput teams
  • Experience with React (depending on the project)

What You'll Do:

  • Backend and Fullstack Software Engineers could find themselves working on several teams within our Machine Learning, Product Engineering or Infrastructure organizations where they could:
    • Help ML teams to build the systems and infrastructure to productionize and scale their solutions
    • Work on "ML Ops", data pipelines, or other "serving" platforms necessary
    • Building signaling, labeling, and/or retraining systems
    • Improve performance through batch, real-time, or stream processing systems
    • Be responsible for proposing designs and implementing full stack solutions that directly impact our main real time detection engine
    • Build email security products / features from scratch
    • Take high-ownership of other scalable and performant backend engineering efforts as needed
    • Looking at various levels of performance of the data pipelines or database systems including system metrics (CPU, RAM, Disk) as well as overall pipeline metrics and performance measured against SLOs and SLAs.
    • Help ML teams to build the systems and infrastructure to productionize and scale their solutions
    • etc, etc, etc!

Why Abnormal Security:

  • Competitive pay and equity
  • One of the most proven engineering teams in Silicon Valley
  • Best-in-class customer traction and growth
  • Team-wide commitment to excellence, velocity, and customer-focus
  • Strong growth opportunities and high ownership expectations
  • Full medical, dental, and vision health insurance benefits
  • Unlimited PTO

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