Internship - Python Developer

Internship - Python Developer

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About the job

Ziplr is looking for techies in python to join our development team.

  • Are you the best programmer in your batch or office?

  • Do you lose your sleep till you have solved a technical problem?

  • Can you stay up the whole night just to write a beautiful piece of code which runs flawlessly?

Note - If you answered yes to all above asked questions only then, read the below text.

Location: Bhubaneswar

As a Python developer in the team, you will build new enterprise applications and consumers products. You will work with other developers, project manager, and business owners to create applications and services to solve a wide variety of business problems.

Responsibilities And Role

  • Work on variety of software tasks and projects.
  • Researches new technologies and incorporates them into new systems and products.
  • Takes initiative in leading projects and collaborating with others.
  • Tests, integrates, writes, troubleshoots, and debugs software applications.
  • Responsible for the architecture and implementation of critical software components.
  • Work to improve the efficiency and functionality of current systems and products.
  • Update current products and develop new ones to product specifications.

Required Qualifications

  • Programming skills in Python
  • Experience with consuming RESTful web services
  • JSON
  • Any bachelor’s degree
  • Experience in an Internet environment strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of Linux server environment preferred
  • Knowledge of mongoDB preferred
  • Programming skills in shell preferred

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