Junior Developer (Multiple Positions)

Junior Developer (Multiple Positions)

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About the job

Nymbus helps banks and global financial services organizations transform their capabilities and drive value in today's digital marketplace.

At Nymbus, we believe when you set off on the path to innovation you should feel excitement and confidence, not fear and dread. With Nymbus we are bringing delight back into the banking process. We want our partners to be thrilled about the possibilities we are creating together and the lasting impact our collaboration will bring to the industry and consumers.

The journey to growth begins with doing something different. And that journey starts with the great people that make Nymbus. Thank you for considering and entrusting Nymbus to be the catalyst that helps take your career through your next chapter.


We are a remote first company with the exception of a few positions being onsite in our designated locations. The positions which are remote you will need to be able to travel a few times a year. You may be required at times to visit client sites or attend meetings at designated locations with your team members.


You will be part of the Engineering team speaking on highly specific technical details as well as discussing general business outcomes. You comfortably translate product requirements into a well-balanced, precisely defined narrative. In your design decisions, non-functional requirements, like data consistency, resilience, security, deployability, sizing, scalability and upgradeability are always defining the outcome.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities
  • 2-3 years of developer experience, solid communicator and feel comfortable interacting with stakeholders at various levels within the client organization in an emphatic and considerate way.
  • You must have proven experience developing modern Web based UI's in a collaborative scrum of scrums environment.
  • Experience in real time data, performance optimization and modern development, deployment and configuration tools is preferred
  • We are looking for motivated candidates that show us:
  • The ability to develop and architect frontend applications
  • Excellent communication and English skills
  • Can work under pressure and be delivery focused and pragmatic
  • Excellent team work with collaborative, innovative and intelligent problem solving
  • Experienced in Spring (Boot, Security, Batch), Maven and Jenkins;
  • Implemented products through SDKs, APIs and/or Webhooks.
  • You have an understanding of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), as well as Microservices Architecture.

  • Agile experience; Javascript (Angular 2+), Typescript, RxJs, CSS (SASS), and HTML;
  • Have integrated with JavaScript frameworks, and operationalized code based on MVC patterns, and RESTFUL APIs based on OpenAPI, FDX and/or FAPI spec.
  • Modern architectural frameworks, patterns and styles like CQRS, event sourcing and data streaming, don't surprise you.
  • You implemented various Enterprise Integration Patterns and Frameworks;
  • You have deployment knowledge of application servers, databases, load balancers, container management and other infrastructure components required to deploy web applications and their services in a highly available and scalable environment.
  • Strong communication skills in English ((spoken and written)
  • Balancing independent problem solving with collaboration
  • Enjoy autonomy, be able to work independently.
  • Goal oriented, takes ownership, easy to communicate.
  • Strong communication skills in English (spoken and written)

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