Junior Software Engineer Full-Stack

Junior Software Engineer Full-Stack

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About the job

About This Role

We are looking to add a Full-Stack Software Engineer to the team. You will be working with top notch-talent that includes both our internal team as well as some of the brightest contractors. No member is an island. You will be a part of a team with deep knowledge of all areas of software development. Our team embraces Agile methodologies and is quick to adapt. We use a wide range of languages and tools. Our latest products are finely crafted weblications that empower our users. We are passionate about user experience. And we are excited about showing up to code. You can expect to be challenged. You can expect your contributions to be accepted and appreciated. And you can expect your skills to become even sharper. Iron sharpens iron. We are looking for someone who understands software architecture, data modeling, and object-oriented programming concepts. You must be a coder. We would love to see examples of interesting solutions you've created.

What You'll Do

  • Efficiently roll out technical features from concept to product
  • Collaborate with a team to develop our next generation travel platform
  • Develop tooling and processes to benefit and grow our team

What You'll Need

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar STEM degree from a top-ranked institution
  • Back-end expertise in Java Spring Boot or Hibernate
  • Front-end expertise in Vue, React, or Angular
  • Potential to quickly develop expertise in any part of our tech stack where you have limited experience
  • Initial evaluation
    • General aptitude assessment (Wonderlic)
    • Coding exercise
    • Intro interview with executives
  • Interviews
    • Technical interview, which includes CTO and senior engineers
    • Casual conversation with junior engineers
  • Offer
    • Background and reference checks prior to formal offer

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