Live Intro to Development: Dev tools, HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Live Intro to Development: Dev tools, HTML, CSS & JavaScript


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Developer 101 with Alchemy Code Lab is a chance to build your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to solve problems like a software developer in our live-online classroom. Immerse yourself in the high-level learning that comes from a positive environment led by instructors with extensive in-field senior developer work experience. Ask questions and work collaboratively in real time.


  • Computer set up with VSCode, Terminal, and Git
  • Introduction to web application development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Tips, tricks, and shortcuts of the computer as a developer tool
  • Introduction to testing and system validation
  • Group collaboration in a remote environment


This course requires a laptop, stable wifi, and approximately 20 hours of pre-work in order to reserve your seat. Instructions for pre-work will be sent to you once you register. Space is limited to 35 spots each session. 


This course will be taught by the same senior developers/instructors who teach Alchemy’s full-time software development training program.

Pre-work details will be sent upon initial application.

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