Machine Learning (Supervised)

Machine Learning (Supervised)

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Machine learning is a category of algorithm that allows systems to explore data in order to perform a specific task effectively without being explicitly programmed. Instead, it relies on patterns and relationships. How is this possible? How does this mysterious process happen? Supervised learning is where you have labeled data which means we already know the corresponding output for each input. Use an algorithm to learn the hidden patterns between the inputs and the output.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Split data into train and test
  • Understand how to use Scikit.learn
  • Be able to use regression and classification algorithms
  • Be able to separate between regression and classification problems
  • Be able to interpret the results


  • Computer with at least Window 10
  • Download Jupyter Notebooks or Anaconda Navigator

Tutor: Ilyes Nasraoui

Mentorship at Nestria

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