Node JS Developer

Node JS Developer

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Job Title: Node JS Developer

Experience Required: 4 to 6 years of experience

Location: Noida


  1. ● Understand development requirements, write pseudo code for business
  2. logic, and get it validated.
  3. ● Unit-test the written-code and validate with different scenarios to ensure
  4. it works in UAT and production environments
  5. ● Understand the database structure and write the code as per the data
  6. model
  7. ● Work extensively on the API backend and be adept at fixing API issues
  8. on frontend.
  9. ● Use Git extensively, including resolving merge conflicts.
  10. ● Debugging JavaScript code using chrome developer tools.
  11. ● Fair understanding streams, buffers, promises.
  12. ● Work with high agility on using Linux environments
  13. ● Good command on ES7 and ES2020 versions of JavaScript
  14. ● Use command-line and/or bash scripting
  15. ● Write regular expressions in actual code and in daily work to increase
  16. productivity
  17. ● Ability to develop, troubleshoot, debug, and implement software using
  18. JavaScript, HTML5, Node
  19. ● 14+, and NoSQL Databases etc.
  20. ● Experience in writing code using TypeScript for both frontend and backend
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