Python Developer

Python Developer

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Top Skills:

- Javascript React
- Python
- Messaging (AMPS, MQ, Tibco)


The Risk technology team is responsible for developing risk solutions to the global fixed income, currencies and commodities business. The primary focus of the team is on building scalable risk reporting and generation tools for use across the business. End users include trading desks, senior trading management, market risk management and other middle and back office groups. The Risk technology is a global team of highly skilled and motivated developers using agile methods to iterate quickly and work closely with users to deliver superior trading technology. The role offers the opportunity to lead development of the strategic risk framework, directing a globally dispersed team of developers. There is significant buy-in from senior business partners and the successful candidate will gain experience of delivering directly to the business. Challenges currently being worked on include producing consistent, consolidated risk reports spanning the whole business, running high-performance ticking intraday risk for trading desks, and explaining PnL across the global business. The team development environment is Quartz - the clients next generation trading and risk platform. Quartz consists of various pieces of shared infrastructure and code to drive consolidation across the trading business and break down business specific silos. Development takes place almost entirely In Python (Quartz), with some C++ for high performance components.

- Working with a globally dispersed team of developers.
- Technical leadership, including design reviews.
- Software development and testing, deployment and support using agile development methodologies.
- Functioning as part of a as part of a high performance team, working on high priority deliverables.
- Solving real problems, and adding value to the business.

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