Software Development Intern

Software Development Intern

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Spryte Labs is looking for software development interns to work on a variety of different projects. Learn from our growing team of software engineers and project managers, and gain valuable experience working on real-world projects.

Any applicant should have a good grasp of at least one general purpose programming language. Knowledge of other frameworks or technologies is a plus, especially CSS, Node.js, a nonrelational database framework like Google Firebase, or mobile technologies.

The technology stack will vary from project to project, so a demonstrated willingness and desire to learn and general understanding of programming concepts are the most important qualities in an applicant.

We have a fun, learning, startup culture and you'll have a chance to learn from software industry veterans.

Essential functions:

  • Develop new applications and infrastructure as dictated by clients
  • Develop and maintain tests for any and all project code
  • Participate in planning and design meetings
  • Create tickets and fix bugs as they arise from client feedback
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