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Software Engineer Intern

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About the job

Bubble enables thousands of businesses around the world to build software solutions without code. Our users use Bubble to build VC-backed startups, personal projects, and internal company tools. We are often a critical part of our customers’ operations and are very proud to help businesses achieve success through more accessible software. With more people turning to entrepreneurship and digital products, Bubble’s solution is increasingly critical.
For 95% of programming jobs, the primary focus is on using abstractions. For instance, using React JS to build a responsive web portal, or hammering out an API in Express or Rocket. They are about taking ways of seeing the world that others have invented, and applying them to the task at hand.
We value and respect this work, and our jobs involve a fair share of it, but we are looking for engineers who get up in the morning for the other 5%.
We want the abstraction creators: the engineers who are more excited about the technology that doesn’t exist yet than the technology that does.
We want people who are dreaming about creating new programming languages or operating system kernels, or even just small NPM packages with APIs that better reflect the problem space than prior abstractions.
We need this because the business Bubble is in is taking common patterns for constructing software, and capturing those patterns in repeatable technology, so that they become accessible and intuitive via our visual language. We are in the business of figuring out how to let our users express what they want to create as simply and directly as possible, and then solving the hard problems of taking what they express and running it performantly, scalably, and securely in the cloud.
In addition to creating better abstractions, the other pole of Bubble's business is helping our users solve their problems. Our users build everything from community projects to VC-backed startups. We are often a critical part of our customers’ operations. As a Bubble engineer, you get a direct feedback loop with customers: our community is incredibly vocal, and whenever we announce a release on our community forum, it always sparks feedback and engagement, and often celebration.
So, the other thing we look for and value in our hiring process is people who love to ship code and see it impact people's lives. We live in a dynamic tension between passionate love for technology in its pure form, and pragmatic caring for the end product. That tension is our secret sauce: the constant back-and-forth between solving the customer problem, and designing the right long-term solution is what's led to a product that people tell us literally changed their lives (read our last fundraising announcement, and our community's reaction to it ).

As a Software Engineer Intern, You Will

  • Build tooling to help users secure their applications
  • Engage in pair programming sessions and peer code reviews to learn from other engineers on your team
  • Create new or update existing language features to make Bubble easier to learn and more powerful based on common user pain points
  • Actively participate in agile development practices as part of an engineering team

Familiarity With Our Stack Is Helpful, But Don’t Hesitate To Apply If You Haven’t Worked With All Of These
Because we are hiring programmers to design and implement a new language, we don't have any hard requirements about what technologies you need to know coming in.

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • Postgres
  • Redis

We are looking for motivated software engineering interns to collaborate with our engineering teams to solve hard technical problems and achieve our ambitious business goals. Our interns will receive guidance and mentorship from other engineers throughout their time. You would be expected to work on one of our small agile cross-functional teams based on your capabilities and preferences.

What Will Help You Excel In This Role

  • Goal orientation, and ability to find pragmatic solutions to hard problems
  • Aptitude for learning: we pride ourselves on being a team of engineers always striving to learn and improve our skills
  • Strong communication skills: we believe engineering is significantly about keeping everyone aligned on the plan and technical details of the work at hand
  • Diversity of technical background: we like candidates who have worked with multiple languages, stacks, and problem spaces, because we think that breadth of experience makes it easier to see multiple potential solutions to a problem
  • Alignment with our values: desire to empower others, a focus on team and user success over individual achievement, and transparency and willingness to admit mistakes and failures

If this sounds like you, apply! We look forward to hearing from you.
At Bubble, we encourage people from all ages, abilities, and experiences to apply. Bubble does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital or family status, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy or caregiver status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.
Bubble is very remote-friendly, and we have employees who work across the United States. You’ll be able to identify which state you plan to work in on your application. Note: at this time, we are only considering candidates who are authorized to work in the U.S.

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