Software Engineer Intern - Repo Management

Software Engineer Intern - Repo Management

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Who We Are

Our mission at Sourcegraph is to make it so that everyone can code, not just ~0.1% of the population. We help developers and companies with billions of lines of code create the software you use every day. In enabling more people to code, we believe we will create economic opportunity across the world and will drive progress that benefits everyone.

It’s an exciting time to join Sourcegraph. Our company is growing rapidly: we’ve experienced exponential growth and our $125M Series D from Andreessen Horowitz and $50M Series C from Sequoia have given us the opportunity to make big ambitious bets on our future. We have a huge market (every company that builds software) and massive opportunity (most developers haven't even heard of code search yet, but once you've used it, you can't live without it--just like Google web search). By continuing to hire exceptional people, we have the opportunity to make Sourcegraph one of the biggest technology companies in the world.

This will be a 12 week remote internship program. The internship period will start on May 16, 2022 and will end on August 5, 2022.

Why this job is exciting

As a member of the Repo Management team, you will build high impact features for our customers alongside a group of talented engineers. You will operate as a full time member of our team in Sourcegraph’s high agency, all remote environment. There are no “intern” projects here: you will have the opportunity to own and deliver real value to our customers and make a lasting impact on our team and Sourcegraph. We ensure Sourcegraph can continue to scale and better support our existing and future customers by building performant, scalable, and reliable software that underpins every feature at Sourcegraph. We make it easy for customers to use Sourcegraph with their code, no matter where or how they store it. We have big problems to solve and we’re excited to have your help solving them.

Within one month:
You will onboard to Sourcegraph’s architecture, tooling, and development workflow.
You will build a solid understanding of the team’s areas of ownership, technical challenges, and problems we solve for our customers.
You will ramp up by debugging issues, fixing bugs, and delivering small features
You will take initial steps towards designing and delivering your project for the summer

Within two months:
You will learn more about Sourcegraph’s mission and how the Repo Management team contributes to our company goals
You will deliver the first part of your internship project and demo it to your team and interested teammates across Sourcegraph

By the end of the internship:
You will complete your internship project and demo it to the team and stakeholders
You will have created a document describing what you built and telling us what we should next
You will feel confident in your ability to be a valued member of the team
You will have identified one team process that we should improve moving forward
You will have made a material improvement to our onboarding process to help future Repo Management engineers
You will have experience delivering work incrementally to get feedback and iterate on your solutions

About You

You are an aspiring software engineer with strong programming skills and a desire to gain experience building software and services at scale. You are aligned with, and willing to contribute to our values. You enjoy working on challenging problems in a team environment and care deeply about making a positive impact on our customers. You want to learn, grow, and make a real impact in your three months here.

Experience with Go preferred
You are entrepreneurial and high agency
You want to build highly reliable, secure, maintainable, and scalable systems.
You communicate well, accept and incorporate feedback from others
You enjoy working on highly collaborative, dynamic, and remote teams in a startup environment.
You are starting out your career in tech, either pursuing or finishing your education or are changing careers and getting started.
You are located in UTC-8 to UTC-5 timezones

Interview process [~4 hour total interview]

Click here to read more information in our Handbook about the types of interviews we use at Sourcegraph.
You apply.
[30 min] Recruiter screen with Kemper Hamilton
[30 min] Hiring Manager screen with Jordan Plahn
In-depth Interview stage:
[60 min] Pairing Exercise with members of the Repo Management team
[60 min] Pairing Exercise with members of the Repo Management team
[30 min] Cross Team Collaboration interview with Dan Mckean
[30 min] Values interview
We check references & make you an offer

Not sure if this is you?

We want a diverse, global team, with a broad range of experience and perspectives. If this job sounds great, but you’re not sure if you qualify, apply anyway! We carefully consider every application, and will either move forward with you, find another team that might be a better fit, keep in touch for future opportunities, or thank you for your time.

Learn More About Us

To create a product that serves the needs of all developers, we are building a diverse all-remote team that is distributed across the world. Sourcegraph is an equal opportunity workplace; we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

We provide competitive compensation and practical benefits to keep you happy and healthy so that you can do your best work.

Learn more about what it is like to work at Sourcegraph by reading our handbook.

We want to ensure Sourcegraph is an environment that suits your working style and empowers you to do your best work, so we are eager to answer any questions that you have about us at any point in the interview process.
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