Software Engineer - Remote

Software Engineer - Remote

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About the job

We're looking for a Software Engineer to join a company in the network.
The network is a curated group of some of the fastest growing startups and tech companies in the country. We actively turn away more than 50% of companies that attempt to join.
We accept companies that offer competitive salaries, benefits, and perks. They're working on interesting technical challenges and must be respectful of your time to stay active.
Our companies look for Software Engineers proficient in JavaScript, Python, Go, Scala, Ruby, C, and more. Experience in libraries and frameworks such as React, Rails, Django, Angular, jQuery, and Express is a huge plus. The ideal candidate is motivated by working on complex technical problems and curious about the world around them. Many of our companies are looking for mid-to-senior level talent, both individual contributors and managers.

To apply to the network, we'll ask you to fill out a 60-second web form. It's absolutely free.
 If accepted, you'll hear directly from founders, hiring managers, and other key decision makers starting the following Monday. Our platform will hide your profile from your current employer.

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Building an inclusive and diverse workplace is one of’s core values. We warmly welcome people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Python (Programming Language),Java,Node.js,Back-End Web Development,Full-Stack Development,Go (Programming Language),JavaScript,Ruby on Rails,Git,React.js

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