Software Engineering Intern

Software Engineering Intern

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RM Talent Solution is a recruitment consultancy firm that helps companies such as Dell, Citadel, Qualtrics, PNC, Venture for America, RippleMatch, SAP, BNY Mellon, etc recruit faster and with more convenience.

We are transforming the way recruiting is done in the digital age. We work with a number of top-tier companies, tech startups, freelance companies, Industry professionals, and subject matter experts for projects, internships, jobs, and freelance work.

Our client, RippleMatch is one of the top job matching platforms that help companies such as AT&T, Nokia, Pinterest, SAP, Zwift, eBay, Estee Lauder, and hundreds more recruit faster and with more convenience. Shaping the way college students find jobs and internships. They work with a number of top-tier companies, Fortune 500's, startups, and nonprofits.

We’re hiring a select group of students to be our Interns. This could be a remote, on-site paid internship. To date we’ve hired thousands of interns across the country; do you have what it takes to join our next cohort?

Software Engineer Internship Roles

  • Core Engineering
  • Database Engineering
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Front End / Full Stack

What We Expect

  • Must be actively enrolled in an accredited college/university program during the time of the internship
  • Desired class level: Undergraduates, Masters, or PhD
  • Desired majors: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Math, or related field
  • Required coursework: algorithms, data structures, and operating systems
  • Recommended coursework: cloud computing, database systems, distributed systems, and machine learning
  • Bonus experience: research or publications in databases or distributed systems, and contributions to open source
  • Experience working with big data (engineering/processing) and data migration
  • Excellent programming skills in C++ or Java
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Strong problem solving and ability to learn quickly in a dynamic environment
  • Experience with working as a part of a team
  • Dedication and passion for technology

When: Summer (May/June - August/September)

  • Duration: 12-16 weeks recommended, more than 16 weeks also encouraged (12-month maximum)

What You Will Learn/Gain

  • How to build enterprise-grade, reliable, and trustworthy software/services
  • Exposure to SQL or other database technologies (e.g., Spark, Hadoop)
  • Understanding of database internals, large-scale data processing, transaction processing, distributed systems, and data warehouse design
  • Implementation, testing of features in query compilation, compiler design, query execution
  • Experience working with cloud infrastructure, AWS, Azure, and/or Google Cloud in particular
  • Learning about cutting edge database technology and research

Possible Teams/Work Focus Areas

  • Database Query Engine (Features), Data Infrastructure, Data Pipelines, Data Platform, Database Security, Data Governance, Data Sharing, FoundationDB (Manageability), FoundationDB (Persistence), Manageability, Metadata, Service Runtime, Snowhouse Foundation, Storage
  • High-performance large-scale data processing
  • Large-scale distributed systems
  • Software-as-a-Service platform
  • Software frameworks for stability and performance testing

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