Summer 2022 Sales Commission & Technology Intern

Summer 2022 Sales Commission & Technology Intern

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Join us for our summer 2022 internship program for an experience you'll never forget! Sprinklr's internship program (SIP) is 12 weeks of remote work focused on giving you opportunities to learn new skills by tackling real challenges we're facing. Beyond those professional skills, you'll have the chance to work with Sprinklr's product and become CXM certified. We'll be hosting opportunities for you to connect with leaders, learn professional and personal skills outside of your day-to-day work, and establish relationships with the rest of our amazing intern class!

This is a paid internship. You will work with and learn from our global sales commission and variable compensation team. This team ensures that we calculate and report on all sales bonus plans across the globe, and partners with our technology teams to make the process smooth and seamless. In this role you will be at the intersection of sales compensation plans, reporting and analysis, and internal client support and management.

What you'll do: 

  • Work with our Sales Commision and IT teams to support the sales organization and their compensation plans
  • Support the internal processes and technology that drive our sales bonus payouts and plans
  • Work with our global team to dive deep into data, generate reports, and create analytics around our variable compensation 
  • Manage internal customer communications and relationships to create great experiences for our sales team 
  • To get started in this role you will shadow two of our US based team members and have opportunities to meet our India based team


  • Finance / IT backgrounds are preferred but not required
  • Customer facing roles are encouraged to apply (retail, food service industry, etc.)
  • Detail oriented 
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Customer centric and empathetic, able to connect with people easily
  • Excel / Google sheets skills are a plus

What You'll Learn:

  • The ins and outs of variable compensation plans
  • The process and tools that support a global set of variable compensation plans 
  • Data analysis and Excel / Google Sheets
  • How global companies collaborate and create great experiences that delight internal customers
  • Exposure to our global 
  • How Sprinklr works and what our product can do
  • A dive into the SaaS industry
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