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Taste of Django


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Django is currently one of the most popular web frameworks that is built on Python.  Driving many popular sites like Instagram, Discus, Spotify, and more, Django has earned its reputation to be robust, secure and scalable.  But Django wasn't built to drive a backend server only. Being a full-stack framework, Django was first built to run a newspaper publishing website from soup to nuts.  Many Django graduates have built awesome websites to house interesting content.  You can too.  Join this introductory class to learn what Django is all about.
This class will cover topics including:
  • The Django architecture
  • Databases and Models
  • What are Django views?
  • What are Django templates?
  • Prerequisites for learning Django
  • Django and beyond
This class is geared for anyone, including those with little or no programming experience. Those coming from other languages may also find value in this class, but it's primarily targeted for complete beginners who are interested to learn more about what Django is and what it can do for you.

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