Trading Systems Engineer (Python, Linux, DevOps, Automation)

Trading Systems Engineer (Python, Linux, DevOps, Automation)

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Your remit will be to leverage your considerable skills in Linux systems engineering along with advanced Python scripting skills and a strong focus on systems automation across technologies such as Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins et al to ensure this complex technical environment is optimized for lightning fast performance and unshakable stability.


  • Advanced Linux Engineering skills & modern x64 based server hardware.
  • Solid Python coding skills for Automation (you will be tested).
  • CI/CD (any/all): Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, SaltStack et al.
  • Fundamental networking skills (TCP, VLAN, Multicast, DNS, DHCP).
  • Fundamental database skills (MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL).
  • Site Reliability, High Availability, Performance, Scalability, Low-Latency.
  • Strong / Polished Communication and Interpersonal skills.
  • A Technology or Finance related degree / diploma.
  • Experience with financial services or better still trading systems (ideal)
  • For Data Engineer centric: Hadoop, PySpark, Scala Spark, Dask, S3.
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