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Twitch is hiring Android Developers for their new Android apprenticeship program with Onramp. Since launching a fully redesigned app in 2017, the team has focused on implementing tools and processes to enable continued innovation and deliver key features to users. The Android team is also growing, so as an Android apprentice, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a small but incredible team of experienced engineers who are pushing the limits of Android development!

About the Opportunity
Apprenticeships provide a unique opportunity to learn on the job. An Onramp apprenticeship goes even further, giving you one month of project-based training in advance of the six-month apprenticeship at Twitch. Our training introduces you to the primary technologies, languages, and design patterns you’ll use on the job, all while emphasizing team collaboration and agile development. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running on your first day with your new team. You will be directly hired by Twitch as an apprentice, with the opportunity to be offered full-time employment at the end of the apprenticeship period.

What You'll Be Working On
• Contribute to Twitch’s Android application feature development, product design, and implementation discussions.
• Find and build unique solutions to implement projects from the idea phase to production.
Test and iterate code before and after production release.
• Leverage your insights, ideas, and perspectives by participating in technical and architectural design and research discussions.
• Learn and grow as an Android engineer by using methodologies and best practices such as unit/integration testing, refactoring, and code reviews.

At Onramp, we understand how challenging it can be to have all the skills an employer is looking for. You may have knowledge of one language, but not a specific framework. Or maybe you have a strong background but are not familiar with specific tools. We want to help you fill those gaps of knowledge and reach your highest potential. The Training Plan touches on all of the important skills necessary to get hired. We’ve curated various free resources that will help you prepare for the application process and succeed in this role. Though completing Training Plan is not required to apply, we strongly suggest all applicants look over the topics and review unfamiliar concepts.
Start Date - 4/18/22

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