Twitch Fullstack Apprenticeship

Twitch Fullstack Apprenticeship

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The Twitch x Onramp Fullstack Apprenticeship provides candidates with the rigorous skills training and support they need to launch a successful tech career. This program is for people from all backgrounds, regardless of previous education or work experience. At Onramp, learning and growth are incorporated directly into the application. We provide training plans to help you prepare for the technical assessment and materials to help you put your best foot forward in the application itself. Did you teach yourself to code, attend a bootcamp, take community college courses, or learn online? This could be the perfect opportunity for you!

About the Opportunity
Apprenticeships provide a unique opportunity to learn on the job. An Onramp apprenticeship goes even further, giving you one month of project-based training in advance of the six-month apprenticeship at Twitch. Our training introduces you to the primary technologies, languages, and design patterns you’ll use on the job, all while emphasizing team collaboration and agile development. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running on your first day with your new team. You will be directly hired by Twitch as an apprentice, with the opportunity to be offered full-time employment at the end of the apprenticeship period.

What You'll Be Working On
• Contribute to Twitch’s application feature development, product design, and implementation discussions.• Find and build unique solutions to implement projects from the idea phase to production.• Test and iterate code before and after production release.• Leverage your insights, ideas, and perspectives by participating in technical and architectural design and research discussions.• Learn and grow as a fullstack engineer by using methodologies and best practices such as unit/integration testing, refactoring, and code reviews.

Start your application by creating an account and providing basic information about your location and ability to work in the United States. Use the training plan to prepare a resume, write compelling essays, and learn the material covered in the technical assessment. The assessment will include a mix of multiple-choice and coding questions.
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